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New Music from The Weeknd – After Hours

I forsee lots of children being conceived...This is the sound we have all come to expect from The Weeknd: Featured Image Courtesy of YouTube

Pop Smoke Passes Away

It has been confirmed that 20 year old rapper Pop Smoke (real name Bashar Barakah Jackson) was involved in a home invasion in West Hollywood at 4 in the morning. TMZ is reporting that the home is…

Social Media Reacts To Meek Mill Owing Quentin Miller An Apology

Meek Mandela might have some apologizing to do

Kobe Bryant Tribute Lamborghini

Next week we're giving away $1,000 of Charlamagne's Cash, that could go towards the $170,000 you'll need to buy this super dope tribute to the Black Mamba! Click Here: Photo Courtesy of TMZ…

Mike Tomlin Defends Mason Rudolph on Nationwide Television

The Steelers Head Coach had a very strong appearance on ESPN First Take! Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Stranger Things 4 Trailer Released!

The Netflix Nerd in me is way too excited for this......

Antonio Brown Addresses Problematic Behavior + Ben Roethlisberger

Antonio Brown Addresses Problematic Behavior + Ben Roethlisberger