Moooooove! Get Out The Way! Black Angus Cows on the Run!

Yes, there were reports of some cows who broke loose in Murrysville, PA!


I thought this was fake but clearly, it’s not! Reports that a Black Angus cow (or cows) have gotten lose and police are having a hard time trying to catch them.


CBS is reporting:

According to the police department’s Facebook page, the Black Angus cows are loose in the area of School Road South and Boxcartown Road.

They were last spotted in the area of Manor Valley Golf Course.

Police say they are unable to catch them or find out who owns them.

Officers were going to nearby farms, asking the owners if they are missing any cows, but so far, nothing has turned up.

They are asking anyone with information on the owners to give them a call at 724-327-2100 ext. 200, or dial 911.