Will We Consume Music Through an Implanted Brain Chip?


Since the real-life Tony Stark has managed to reach outer space, billionaire tech entrepreneur/SpaceX founder Elon Musk now wants to get inside your mind!

Musk, who also co-founded Neuralink, is working to create microchips for the brain to help humans keep up with artificial intelligence.  Musk has teased several ideas the company has touched on prior to a full update August 28th.  One of those ideas may make even your wireless headphones a thing of the past.

When computer scientist Austin Howard asked Musk if a Neuralink device could allow us to listen to music via implant, Musk answered with a simple “Yes.”  Musk has even tweeted that if anyone knows a thing or two about phones and their wearable accessories, then they should apply for a Neuralink tech job.

Musk seems hopeful about losing headphones one day.  He also hopes that Neuralink implants could one day cure mental illness.